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Portrait and interior

Everything that surrounds us is a reflection of our inner world. Many people realize that changes of their inner world, thoughts and feelings lead to changes of the outside world. But we become aware of interrelation of these alterations.

MORE DETAILSEverything that surrounds us is a reflection of our inner world. Many people realize that changes of their inner world, thoughts and feelings lead to changes of the outside world. But we become aware of interrelation of these alterations.

You should take care of details when the process of decoration of your warm and nosy nook will come to the end. Nothing else can decorate your interior better than works of art.

Framed photograph reproductions of the paintings, posters and photos look quite usual on the walls of your room. But to make your interior original, colorful and different from other ones interior designers advise to use art works. A portrait in your home will give you warm recalls and pleasant thoughts about the people you love.

A tendency to decorate a house by portrait paintings appeared in European culture long ago. At that time fine arts extended beyond churches and cathedrals and became luxurious and fashionable detail of the prosperous people's houses. Aristocracy decorated the walls of their castles by portraits of their ancestors, still lives depicting hunters' kill, landscapes and paintings depicted scenes of a hunt.

As well as aristocracy every rich merchant aimed to commission his portrait and place it in the wealthy interior of his house. And cost of a portrait indicated high social status and profits of a customer. Thus fashion and vanity conduced to outspread of portrait painting in the interiors of the townspeople.

The eighties of the last century are characterized by a great general interest to interior portrait painting in Europe. Almost every house of a prosperous owner was decorated by original works of especially fashionable at that time German and Italian artists. In Russia and Ukraine only some people could afford to buy paintings and particularly to collect them.

Lately the situation has changed. Now decoration of a home interior is considered to be good form.

MORE DETAILSBefore commission of a portrait you should determine what color spectrum would suit to your home interior. Abstract paintings'll looks effective on the bright one-color wall. On the specky wall it's better to hang small paintings.

A painting should be placed so that it will harmonize with all the composition. The choice of a frame plays a very important part at that.

A thin frame with mat gives the best fit to the paintings in watercolor, in pastel and in pencil. The classical frames with rich ornamentation (stucco moulding) suit to oil on canvas. They can be gilded.

If you want to make your interior cosy and without any showy pretentious elements it's better to hang small portraits in the wooden varnished frames with a wide mat. But if you want to emphasize splendor and richness of your interior paintings in oil on canvas in the patterned wide frames are the most proper ones. Often such paintings find their place in the rooms decorated in the style of postmodernism.

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Portraits in pastel and in watercolor in the thin frame with narrow mat give the best fit with soft and exquisite lines of the interior. The interior in modern styles such as minimalism, purism and hi-tech gives a possibility not to follow the classics' rules. The portraits painted in abstraction style can be unframed and hung up with a stretcher. Metallic frames of any thickness will suit well to the interior in hi-tech style.

Do you want to decorate a children's room with a portrait? Make a frame together with your child. A simple wooden frame can be painted in bright intense colors or glue over with sea-shells, dried leaves of the trees or colored seeds of the plants. Invent together and you'll be in good mood. And this portrait'll be a pleasant reminder for your child about a great time he spent with his parents.

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